Friday, September 24, 2010


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The spirit that is often built to ourselves since childhood is to get or obtain something. Parents, teachers and environment encourage us to be able to get the science, diploma, degree and employment. After getting a diploma and a job, we want to generate revenue. Then we want to settle down, aka get a mate. After that we want to get or have a child. Finally we want to get in-law, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on. Most humans spend their time to find, collect and hoard things.

Get there or get something that is natural or existing natural and artificial nature / culture. Examples of how to get something natural such as our breathing. Because of its nature, to obtain oxygen, humans inhale and exhale. If people only breathe the air without a blow, it conflicts with respiratory nature, and man must have contracted the illness. In line with breathing, heart rate problems as well. Work of the heart is pumping and receiving blood flow. If the heart is only pumping only, or only receive blood flow only, then contrary to the nature of natural and man must have fallen ill, and die. In fact, how strong the heart pumps blood, or receiving input, must follow its natural size, otherwise people will easily suffer from pain.

The spirit of getting something that is naturally we can also see the plants and animals. Tiger, animals are considered by most savage man, the struggle to get something to follow the laws of nature. Tigers pounce on deer, and ate with gusto. One tail deer eaten by tigers rollicking male, parent, and children. Once they are satisfied, and left the remaining deer. One family let alone the rest of the tiger deer eaten by wolves and Condor. Tigers trying to get / get the deer in accordance with their natural needs. Although, if you want, a single tiger can kill ten tail deer.

Acquire or get something that is artificial is typical human behavior. Reasonable manner for example hunting, farming, trade, being an employee and so forth. Unlike animals and plants, in addition to its natural, human beings have the ability to get things artificially and is creative. However, the last way is often reached by roads that are not reasonable like cheating, stealing, robbery, corruption and so forth.

Artificial and creative power of uncontrolled often makes people want to have something to excess, aka hoarding. While animals do not have the creativity to hoard. As the example above, even if a tiger was able to kill ten tail deer, but just half a deer to eat the same family. Humans tend not the case. Humans just need to eat two / three ounces of meat, but wants to kill dozens of animals. Humans need to consume some calories, fats, and proteins, but humans have accumulated over the body. As a result, now more and more people fall ill, because of excess calories, fat or protein.

Learning on the nature of the heart and lungs, in addition to receive or collect, humans have a nature or disposition, to give. Most people understand to give as a command. And, in fact, giving is a natural trait. Nature gave, I might call it that, is not the case from outside the human self, then humans are commanded to do so. Like the pumping motion of the heart, giving a human soul needs, so that people can be healthy. Nature gives a natural (nature) is exactly that occur in some natural phenomena, such as fragrant flowers. The existence of jasmine is its ability to provide a fragrant aroma. In fact, a banana tree will not die before they produce fruit for the benefit of other creatures.

Receiving and giving are two processes that should run in the human self. Two characteristics that define human existence. Not a perfect human being if only one course of nature alone. Maybe, if people stop in one of two properties (receiving and giving) it, then it could be called the sick.

Indeed, the nature of receiving and giving is not something serious to be done by humans. Properties that already exist in nature, most animals and plants can do it. Are not humans more perfect than other creatures?

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


qugtwaokckiaacfpkfg2  Giving and Receiving is already highly prevalent in our daily lives. From the start we were born perhaps it is we experience each.

But what is meant by "Giving" in this context what? Giving in this case is an action or actions directed to particular objects that involve goods or Services.And intent of the "Accept" is a reaction caused by the actions of another party so interdependent with each other directly or indirectly.

Giving and Receiving not be in the form of goods. But it could be in the form of services. Traditions such as this that was previously used by our ancestors in antiquity is also called Barter. Provide a good, means he also will receive the goods, and so was the service. But along with the times and start-eaten by time, tradition slowly begin to disappear and now replaced with the specified nominal and everything has been measured by money. Because of the money, all that is called by giving and receiving has been pegged to the price of money.

So at this present moment, people are increasingly reluctant to give or receive. Very much different from ancient times, where people belonging upright in terms of giving and are very grateful if you accept. While living in the world is identical with the life giving and receiving. Humans are now highly thought of ego and self-esteem is considered always appreciated with the goods but not services. "Why did this happen?" It is because people today do not ever realize how BEAUTIFUL human life is always side by side, if "Take and Give" is actually implemented. Surely our daily lives more in sync without being restricted by the name of money.

Try to always implement this by starting from small things, so the big things will be getting carried away though-carry. As the saying goes: "Better Give than Receive".
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